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Congratulations on your engagement! Often, when couples get engaged, the next thing they think about is planning their wedding. Starting your planning early enough is best because it ensures you get everything done on time. A last-minute rush is a bad idea for a Melbourne wedding. 

Vendors are a vital part of your wedding. You’ll need all of the many services that they offer for your celebration. As a company that handles Wedding videography in Melbourne and wedding photography in Melbourne, we understand how vital vendors are. That’s why we’ve decided to share some ideas when it comes to vendors with you.

One significant problem brides face when it comes to booking vendors is knowing the right time to contact them. You can’t just make a list and start to reach out to everyone at once. For one thing, you’ll be exhausted and may make some mistakes. 

So, the important question becomes: When do I book my vendors? We’ve got you covered if you’re searching for an answer for your wedding in Melbourne. Here is a list of seven essential vendors you’ll need for your wedding and when it’s best to book them. 


  • Your Venue


Your venue is one of the first things you have to handle early in your wedding planning. Experts suggest that the best time to book your venue is at least 18 months before your wedding. If you ask us, the earlier you can, the better.

This part of your wedding planning will also be affected by your budget and guest numbers, so have those sorted out first. You’ll also need to determine if your ceremony and reception will happen at the same venue. 

Sorting your wedding venue or venues out early in your wedding is advantageous because you can then plan around it. Other vendors like your florist and decorator can also plan better when they have an idea of the space they’ll be working with. 


  • Your Music and Entertainment


The first thing to decide when it comes to your music is what entertainer you want. Do you need a DJ or a band for your wedding? Some couples have even been known to use both. 

When you finally decide which works for you, its time to research and book them. This should happen at least 12 months before your wedding date. Delaying could mean that they are booked out before you get to them, especially if they are great at what they do. 


  • Your Wedding Planner


A wedding planner is a lifesaver. They’ll lift a lot of the burden of your planning off your shoulders. The best time to hire your wedding planner is before you get engaged. We’re kidding, but as soon as possible after your engagement is the answer to that question. 

It also depends on the type of planner you choose. A month-of-coordinator only helps you tidy things up so you can contact them three months before your celebration. If you’re working with a full-service planner, hire them now if you already haven’t. 


  • Your Caterer


Your wedding caterer is best booked about 10 to 12 months before your wedding. That way they can fit in all the tastings and get the ingredients required for your sumptuous wedding feast. If they also handle baking, you should talk to them about it alongside. If not, then you should contact a baker about your wedding cake around the same time. 


  • Your Photographer and Videographer (Hopefully Us)


10 to 11 months before your wedding is a great time to contact your wedding videographer in Melbourne and your wedding photographer in Melbourne. They’ll document and preserve the memories of your beautiful day. Please put a call through to us as soon as you can. This is an essential part of your wedding planning. You’ll find our details at the end of this post to make it easier. With us, you’ll get the best wedding videos in Melbourne. 


  • Your Celebrant


Sometimes, wedding venues come with a celebrant. If yours does not, then you’ll have to reach one yourself. Eight months before your wedding day is a great time to do this. Your wedding planner could also have some good referrals where this is concerned, so remember to ask them. 


  • Your Florist


There isn’t too much of a rush when it comes to hiring your florist except you want flowers that may be hard to procure. Most florists can handle more than one wedding a week too. For the best results, try to reach out and hire a florist at least eight months before your wedding.  

If you’re looking for the best company to handle your wedding photography and videography in Melbourne, then look no further. Here at Desiren, we are a collection of experienced wedding photographers and videographers who want the success of your celebration. Contact us today!


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