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[heading animated=none marginbottom=”30″ width=”” content_richtext=”Agreement This agreement is between Desiren Video and the “Responsible Party” (Client). Desiren Video agrees to provide videography services at the places, dates, and times on the allocated wedding date specified by the Client. If, for any reason that obligation cannot be met, Desiren Video will endeavor to rectify the problem or in extreme circumstances, organise a suitable substitute. The deposit of  850.00 is non refundable as it secures the dates and times for videography services. Upon securing the services with the first deposit both parties agree to the terms and conditions contained in this document. A second deposit totaling ¾ of the total amount of the selected package is due on the prewedding meeting (approximately) 2 weeks prior to the event.The remaining ¼ balance is due on pick up of deliverables. Failure to pay outstanding balances may result in the inability to provide services and/or legal action.

Wedding Videography The Videographer will do their best to capture the day in a manner that is pleasing to the clients and adheres to our professional standard. Desiren Video is not responsible for capturing video shots that are not requested. The Videographers are experienced and will, by default, seek to capture traditional and candid video shots (as well as time and circumstances allow). It is
assumed that the videographer will not be hindered by 3rd parties including venue restrictions and obstructions. If the Responsible Party has certain angles, shots, or montages they wish captured, then they are required to inform the Videographer of the shots prior to the wedding day. Lighting is subject to venues and Desiren Video will not be held responsible for poor lighting at receptions and/or ceremony venues. Desiren Video will however use onboard unobtrusive lighting when allowed and deemed necessary.

Video Rights and Format Desiren Video maintains the sole right to all the footage captured at the event and may use it for advertising and portfolio use. This includes all commercial rights and use of the video including, but not limited to distribution of the video on Desiren’s website and social media. The footage captured is edited by editors discretion and any changes made by client will be billed at $150 per hour with a 3 hour minimum. The video will be provided as a DVD, Blu Ray or USB flash drive that is
compatible with most contemporary players. Desiren Video will not be held responsible if your DVD / Blu Ray player or television is not compatible with the common standard we use.

Receiving Finished Product The client will receive their highlights clip online to share with family and friends. Depending on the package chosen the client will be provided with a DVD, Blu-Ray or USB flash drive on pick up. The client must choose the songs they would like on their video. If the client is unable to provide songs for the video, they will be left to the editor's discretion. Failure to respond with song choices may lead to delays in receiving the final product.

It is compulsory that sufficient time and effort be applied to the raw footage to achieve the level of professionalism Desiren Video offers. A copy of the final project will be stored on site and usually will be available if additional copies are needed. However, we do not guarantee that your video will always be available. The Client is responsible for purchasing as many DVDs / Blu Rays or USB flash drives as they require at the time they order their original video.

Re-Edits If for any reason the client strongly requests a re-edit of any section of the DVD/s / Blu Ray/s, it will be considered by Desiren Video only if negligence or any accidental mistakes arises where Desiren Video is solely at fault will there be no charge re-edit. If the changes requested are unreasonable based on Client discretion the re-edits will be billed at $150 per hour with a 3 hour minimum.

Limited Liability The videographer’s liability is limited to fulfilling this agreement or to return all deposits made by the Client. Desiren Video will take the utmost care to produce a professional and enjoyable wedding compilation. However, Desiren Video will not be held responsible for circumstances beyond their control, including but not limited to power failure, weather conditions, equipment malfunction, defective tape/flash card sd card or cliental responsible parties’ misuse of equipment. Other rare but unfortunate circumstances that may occur where Desiren Video will not be held responsible to fulfill this contract include:

  • Lateness due to unforeseen traffic conditions / involvement in road accident / vehicle break down
  • Theft or destruction of equipment/memory cards
  • Equipment malfunction including backup equipment malfunction
  • Wedding guests impairing or hindering the wedding day shoot
  • Desiren Video employee illness/injury

Guests Liability on Equipment Videography equipment is very expensive and will be monitored at all times of the wedding day. However, in the event of equipment damage due to children or drunken disorderly guests, repair costs will be forwarded to the responsible parties when insurance cover is not applicable.

Weather Conditions Desiren Video will not be held responsible for quality of footage when weather conditions do not permit equipment to be utilized to its full potential i.e. rain, wind, downpour, thunderstorms, extreme heat. However the videographers will endeavour to maintain quality of footage whilst making sure equipment is not damaged as a result

Travel and Accommodation If the event is scheduled outside of Melbourne, Interstate or overseas the Client must provide accommodation, flights and transportation to to get to and from the event.

Being on Time Both the Videographer and Client are expected to be on time and ready for video shooting according to the times agreed upon. If the client or anyone from their party is late, the time the Videographer spends waiting will still be counted towards the time agreed upon. If the Videographer is late, the time the client spends waiting for the Videographer is NOT counted toward the time agreed to in this contract, and the Videographer is obligated to fulfil the full amount of time agreed to in this document.

Sole Videographer The client will actively work to help the videographer provide professional footage by ensuring that amateur photographers and videographers do not hinder or pose as an obstacle whilst shooting. If important shots are impaired by guests (i.e. Bridal ceremonial entry)Desiren Video will not be held responsible.

Ceremony / Reception Requirements One or more cameras are used during the ceremony and reception to capture the event depending on the package selected by the Client. The videographer must be provided with a meal at the reception by the Client. The Videographer should also be seated with the band, DJ or Master of ceremonies to ensure that the night can be captured effectively.” button=”” button_link=”” top=”0″ bottom=”0″ size=”2″ customfontweight=”” customfontsize=”” title=”DESIREN VIDEO CONTRACT” subtitle=”” titlecolor=”” subtitlecolor=”” align=”left”]

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  1. Agreement This agreement constitutes an order for wedding photography services, including the photographic capture of the wedding day as described herein as agreed to by the photographer [Desiren Photography herein after collectively known as the “Photographer”], and the Contracting Party [herein after collectively known as the “Parties”]. Desiren reserves the right to use any photographs for advertising promotion or display purposes upon signing of this agreement.
  2. Although all care will be taken with negatives/digital originals captured at the wedding, the Photographer limits any liability for loss, damage or failure to deliver the photography for any reason to the return of any deposits made only. It is the guest’s responsibility to take precautions around photography equipment including cameras, camera support equipment, lighting equipment, etc. Desiren Photography does not take any responsibility for any injuries of any sort resulting to from any persons coming into contact with the photography equipment.
  3. Upon execution of this agreement between parties, the Photographer will reserve the date and times agreed upon and will not make another reservation for the specific date and time frame. For this reason, all booking fees are non-refundable. Should a cancellation occur, Desiren shall retain payments made to date, but with any postponement shall honour all monies paid, toward the revised date.
  4. Collection total must be paid prior to wedding date. A booking deposit of $850, followed by the full balance is due two weeks before wedding date. Deposits are non-refundable. Any extra pages or products purchased must be paid for before order is processed. Any additional time before 10am and after 7pm will be charged at extra cost, and billed at the overtime rate of $200 per hour.
  5. In the event that Photographer is unable to perform the services stated herein, Photographer will make it’s best efforts to secure the services of an alternate qualified photographer, however the liability of Photographer in any event shall be limited to the refund of the entire deposit.
  6. Client assumes all responsibility for obtaining any necessary permission, clearance permits access to, hook up fees and admission which may be required to photograph event. All negatives/digital originals will be kept for no longer than five years from wedding date.
  7. For all printing and album packages purchased, Photographer will present all layouts, designs and ideas to the client for signed confirmation before printing and building of photos/albums. Photographer is not liable for any reprinting or rebuilding of photos/albums after signed confirmation has been made with client, therefore any reprinting/rebuilding charges incurred are at the cost to the client.
  8. WORKING CONDITIONS; Contracting Party must provide safe working environment. Shelter must be provided from rain, extreme temperatures and humidity. In these conditions Photographer will not take responsibility for the photography being affected by any means.
  9. We present you with all images taken at your wedding which meet our quality standards. We are the sole and final judge of those standards and any images which fail to measure up to those standards are permanently discarded. This includes, but is not limited to, out of focus images, accidental camera firings, images ruined by the camera flashes of others, interference of any kind of 'non-official' photographers' and images with other quality defects.
  10. Final album/s and/or initial package inclusions (such as printed portraits, parent albums, etc) must be completed and picked up with in 6 months from Wedding date. A 10% surchage will apply after 6 months. 10% surcharge will increase every year thereafte



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