02 Sep 2020

Renee and Nicholas | Wedding Videography Highlights

I had such a great experience with these guys! From the morning we all just got along and the day just flowed!! Thanks for sharing your day with us guys;

02 Sep 2020

Matthew & Liana – Cinematic wedding video highlights

Cinematic wedding video highlights of Matthew & Liana married at the beautiful Sorrento beach in Melbourne, Australia.

02 Sep 2020

Zoe & Andrew | Wedding Videography Highlights

There’s nothing like family and when you’ve been a part of so many Weddings from the one family, you become a part of it too! Thank you guys, we love being sharing in the celebrations. To then be able to do what you love and create some amazing memories for them just tops it all off!!!

02 Sep 2020

Ann and Jake – Wedding Video Highlights.

Our very 1st Micro Wedding of a couple and 4 guests (which were Ann’s parents, sister and brother) unfortunately Jakes family couldn’t come as they’re from NSW. From what was supposed to be at the end of August, because of the new restrictions they moved it to two days ago – Wednesday – the last day before Lockdown!

13 Aug 2020

Deli & Eleni – Wedding Video Highlights

This was a couple who had to travel across the seas to realise their relationship and we are not joking about it. Deli is from Bali and that’s where Eleni met him for the first time and from there, they hit it off for a happily ever after.

16 Jul 2020

Andrew & Nilay – Wedding Video Highlights

This was going to be difficult shoot for us as it was the biggest bridal party that we had ever filmed. We had the bride, the groom, ten bridesmaids, ten groomsmen, a flower girl and three page boys! So our wedding videography crew pulled out all stops to make sure that we got this one done right and most importantly done well.

16 Jul 2020

Luciana & Emrah – Wedding Video Highlights

It was a delight to shoot the wedding video for Luciana and Emrah. For their wedding day video we chose to mix up our styles to create something unique for their special day.

04 Feb 2020

Flora & Patrick – Wedding Video Highlights

Congratulations Flora and Patrick on your wedding day. Married in the beautiful Hobart, Australia this year. What a pleasure it was for our crew to travel and capture the love between these two people.

04 Feb 2020

Rebecca & Phillip – Wedding Video Highlights

Such a chilled couple, such a pleasure working with you guys! After home coverage’s the rest of the event was held at the amazing Windmill Gardens.

22 Nov 2019

David and Mary – Wedding Video Highlights

I love capturing Weddings where I know the couple through other Weddings I’ve photographed and worked with them before. It was also great catching up with previous couples that had us too.